Social Work & Social Administration

The Social Work programme started in 1997 with about 40 students at the main campus in Mukono. In 2010 due to student population growth, the Department of Social work was created to facilitate easy administration of the programme. The Department now has two programmes namely Bachelor of social work & social adminis   tration and Diploma social work and social administration with over 800 students including students from Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Sudan and Burundi.
What is Unique about the department?
Social work and Social Administration programme at Uganda Christian University is one of the most popular private programmes in Uganda that has over the years attracted large student numbers. The popularity of this programme originates from the fact that it’s a professional course designed to train generalist social workers.
The curriculum stresses integration of appropriate knowledge of human behavior, social welfare, policy, services and research to creatively blend values and skills that necessitate intervention at micro, macro and mezzo levels of intervention. Our department has also attracted several well grounded social work lectures by training and practice.
Future Prospects
  1. Strengthening professional development of the Social Work graduates through specialized practicum practice

  2. Designing Masters of Social Work (MSW)post graduate programme with specializations in either clinical practice or social policy

  3. Forging more net works with both social and human service organizations that will enrich our community outreach initiatives.

  4. Engaging in evidence based research to generate knowledge that will inform social policy and programming in Uganda and Africa.

Our Offerings

  • Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration
  • Diploma in Social Work

Social Work Students' Association
The association is the student’s guild link and initiative to carry out seminars, workshops and outreach projects that are aimed at promoting social work identity, professionalism and belonging-ness at University.

Social Light Foundation
This is a student’s initiative based in Mukono with the major aim of economically empowering the youth using their talents.
Contact person: Wasake Donald - +265-0777-059-137

Accolades won by our exceptional students
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