Bachelor of Governance and International Relations

As the world increasingly grows politically and economically, it has never been so important to be able to think in terms of complex national and international structures and processes.

The Bachelor of Governance and International Relations is a multi-faceted inter-disciplinary degree course, specifically designed with an international focus and plenty of practical relevance, to prepare students optimally for a professional occupation that combines aspects of government, civil society governance and international politics.

This Bachelor of Governance and International Relations program is designed for students who are determined to make a difference in their own community or those who have sights set on the international arena. Learners will be taught by academic staff with a commitment to teaching and research on issues related to the workings of government, civil society and international affairs.

The program gives in-depth understanding and skills one needs to navigate the political environment. It provides a window into all the drama and passion of power in the modern world and the factors and forces that shape contemporary international affairs.

Graduates of this course may work in government agencies like the Legislature, Ministry of Defence, Office of the President, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diplomatic Missions, Civil Society Organizations advocating for Peace, Human rights, anti-corruption agencies; Regional Organizations, International Organizations like the UN, International Business Organizations like the World Trade Organization etc. We will ensure this by putting the learner’s employability at the heart of every topic and bringing practitioners as guest speakers regularly.


Entry requirements

Two principle passes at advanced level in any two subjects taught at secondary school level in Uganda or any other Country with equivalent schooling/education. A post-secondary school diploma from an accredited institution A pass at mature age entry examination (offered by the University)

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