Master of Public Administration and Management

Master of Public Administration and Management

The Masters of Public Administration & Management program provides students with comprehensive knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for functioning with distinction throughout their careers at different levels of responsibility within Uganda’s constitutional context and abroad.

The Post graduate diploma/ Masters in Public Administration & Management are two different programs with shared courses. However, the Master’s program runs for two years (6 modules) that ends with a dissertation.

Vital Information:

  • An Upper Second class Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent with a GPA of 3.0), or higher; or,
  • A Bachelor’s degree of a lower second class, and at least 2 years of work experience in a research or policy field, or a postgraduate diploma, or Master’s degree
  • Eligible candidates will subsequently be considered using  selection processes determined by the University ‘s admission criteria.

Year & Module of study

Year 1
Module 1 Module 2
Public Management in Contemporary Society  Administrative Law and Process
Organization Theory and Behavior Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
Management Information System Public Policy Formulation and Management
Ethics in Public Management Advanced Human Resource Management
Qualitative Research Methods Quantitative Research Methods

Year 2

Module 1 Module 2
Public Management Option Dissertation / Project Paper
Local Government Administration Comparative Public Administration
Land Use and Physical Planning Corporate Governance and Accountability
Accounting & Financial Management Democracy and Good Governance
Public & Private Procurement Management  
Public-Private Partnerships  
Private Sector Management Option  
Nonprofit Leadership  
Marketing and Public Relations  
Accounting & Financial Management  
Public & Private Procurement Management  
Public-Private Partnerships  
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