Master of Research and Public Policy

Master of Research and Public Policy

The MRPP programme architecture is a result of extensive Steering Committee and Working Group discussion involving various Universities in Africa including University of Dar es salaam, University of Botswana, Egerton University, University of Ibadan, University of Lagos, University of Jos, Uganda Martyrs University, Maseno University, Mzumbe University e.t.c.  The architecture was designed to ensure that all students would be able to achieve the desired learning outcomes in the two-year period with reasonable attention to their studies.  Discrete learning experiences in the MRPP are integrated into “foundation”/core courses and “concentration” courses as well as a field experience, thesis and workshops. 

The courses are sequenced in a manner that allows students to develop competencies consistent with two career pathways: “research” pathway for students who are primarily interested in research/teaching and a “policy practice” pathway for those who wish to use research to influence, inform or shape public policy as policy practitioners.


This program will run for four semesters in two years.

Vital Information:

To be considered as a candidate for admission all applicants, must meet the minimum eligibility criterion below:

  • An Upper Second class Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent GPA 3.6), or higher; or,
  • A Bachelor’s degree of a lower second class, and at least 2 years of working experience in a research or policy field, or a postgraduate diploma, or
  • Masters degree
Eligible candidates should send in their applications accompanied with a) personal details; b) academic record to date; c) academic and/or professional references; and, d) a letter of motivation.
  • Policy practitioners seeking to widen their knowledge and sharpen their skills in dealing with policy issues.
  • Employees of NGOs interested in advancing their policy, research and management skills.
  • People working in the public and private sector who desire to have a better understanding of policy processes.
  • Church workers involved or interested in policy work.
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