The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MACP) is a professsional degree with an emphasis on practicum, aimed at individual who will enter the counseling field as a career counseling psychologists.

The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology is aimed at individuals interested in practicing counseling either as private practitioners or within the settings they currently work. 

These settings may include schools, hospitals, churches, NGO’s, private companies and others.  The MACP has a strong emphasis on the integration of theological and psychological understanding in practical life application. 




The mission of the counseling program is to produce graduates with effective counseling skills, committed to responding to the emotional, practical and spiritual needs of clients. The programs

trains counseling psychologists in the integration of theory and practice of human nature in the helping process.

In keeping with the fact that Uganda Christian University is a Christian institution, the student shall be grounded in the compassion of Jesus Christ in the meeting of human need for direction

and healing for the whole person in Christ.



  •  To help students to obtain the necessary knowledge base and skills to competently practice as professional counseling psychologists. 
  • To uniquely integrate biblical and theological perspectives into counseling theory and practice. 
  • To assist counseling psychologists in raising the standards of counseling to the level whereby it is recognized by government, commerce, and all major institutions as a necessary component of gaining and maintaining a healthy society. 
  • To strengthen the body of Christ in Uganda and greater Africa through the profession of counseling.


Courses Offered



Prospective Students

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