The Public Administration Society Launches Symposium

The Public Administration and Governance Society (PAG Society) in conjunction with Department of Public Administration and Governance of Uganda Christian University (UCU), launched a “Democracy, Governance and Peace Symposium” in Kampala on the 6th of April 2016 at Hotel Africana.

The United States Ambassador to Uganda Deborah R. Malac graced the symposium as the Guest of Honour – “this remains a memorable opportunity for the PAG Society”. The Ambassador was accompanied by a team from the U.S.Embassy in Kampala, led by Ms. Suzan Parker Burns the Public Affairs Officer.

Inspirational speakers at the symposium included: Dr. Nansozi Suzan Muwanga (Head of Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Makerere University), Dr. Christopher Twesigye (Lecturer, Department of Public Administration and Governance, UCU); Dr. Miria
Matembe (former legislator); and Mr. Pulkol David (former legislator). These speakers addressed topical issues of democracy, good governance, youth participation in the governance agenda; peace and security.

The Democracy, Governance and Peace symposium was organized under the theme: “post-election peace for prosperity” following Uganda’s recently concluded Presidential elections. It was primarily aimed at providing a platform for University students to join in the debates; and also
contribute to students’ academic learning. Student participants included: UCU students of Governance and International Relations; and students of Public Administration and Management; students of Political Science and Public Administration; and Kyambogo University students of Political Science. However, majority of the student participants came from Uganda Christian University.

In addition, the symposium was also aimed at attracting a wider group of stakeholders to communicate peace, democracy and good governance;
and also celebrate relative peace in the Country. It provided a forum for participants to reflect on the governance or political crises in many African Countries. For instance the post-election crisis in Burundi with mass violence across Bujumbura and neighbouring areas, shortly after July 2015 Presidential elections was held on 21 July, 2015. The 2007-2008 post-election violence in Kenya claimed many innocent lives, and multitude of people displaced. The Central African Republic has been enmeshed in a deadly conflict for decades now, causing humanitarian crises. Other affected African States include, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Djibouti, Nigeria, and Chad among others. Often, media publicity across the world expose critical political crises in Africa; post-election violence across African countries including, vicious cycles of violence claiming innocent lives, frustration of business environment and weakening of economic systems; and frustration of diplomatic relationships among others.

The organization of this symposium was made successful with the unconditional support from the U.S.Embassy in Kampala, marking the beginning of a good relationship. The society also received support from UCU, Department of Public Administration and Governance, and the Uganda Studies Program (USP).

The PAG Society “Democracy, Governance and Peace Symposium” is planned to be an annual event aimed at attracting the diverse body of Stake-holders including: Academicians, university scholars or students, political leaders, International Organizations, CSOs, the media, business
community; and the Donor Community among others

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