Development Research and Training (DRT), UCU in a Collaborative Research

On November 9, 2015 UCU and DRT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim of contributing to the research capacity of Faculties and graduate students. DRT works in partnership with Development Initiatives (DI) to contribute to the aid and development effectiveness agenda.

DRT aims to improve humanitarian and development outcomes for people living in extreme poverty, conflict and post conflict environment. In line with the same, the Faculty of Social Sciences aims to create a breed of enlightened professionals and leaders who will do their work with professional dedication to address social and economic needs of the country from a Christian perspective.

As a way of achieving the above common objective, the two organisations set out to support each other by collaborating in writing analytical papers and policy briefs using budgets; and other resource allocation data to address development challenges in Uganda. Consequently, Development Research and Training (DRT) and Faculty of Social Sciences entered into a Collaborative Research
Project, with a specific re-
search project by UCU Team
on: “Sustainability of Financ-
ing the Scaling up of the
Senior Citizens’ Grant (SCG)
in Uganda”.

Since November
2015, a team of 5 research-
ers from the University com-
posed of 3 Lecturers and
2 Graduate students em-
barked on training in, and
writing Analytical papers.
The Research Team include,
Martin Kizito (coordinator
UCU Research Team), Mary
Ssonko Nabacwa (PhD),
Kibirige Kasule, Ronald
Kyagulanyi, and Jonathan
Tumwebaze respectively.

On January 28, 2016
the Research Team pre-
sented their first draft policy
analysis paper on the gov-
ernment’s decision to scale
up Social Assistance Grant
for Empowerment (SAGE)
in Uganda at DRT Offices in

Towards the end of
the research process, the
Research Team organized
a seminar to present an
analytical paper entitled;
“Sustainability of Financing
the scaling up of the Senior
Citizen’s Grant (SCG) in
Uganda” on the 2nd of June
2016 at UCU. The seminar
was overwhelmingly attend-
ed by over 60 Guests includ-
ing participants from DRT,
Ministry of Gender, Social
Protection Secretariat, Com-
munity Development officers
from Local Governments,
Lecturers and students. This
in part indicated the rele-
vance and value attached
to this research project’s out-
come by the different group
of stakeholders.

The research project
answers the questions of:
How does the Government
of Uganda plan to ensure
financial sustainability of
SCG project in the design
of Expanding Social Protec-
tion Phase Two – ESPII (FY
2015/2016 – FY 2019/2020)?
What are the implications of
the budgetary projections
for the scaling up of SCG

versus the national budget
projections and revenue in
the coming five years (2015
– 2020)? What motivates the
Government of Uganda to
ensure the financial sustain-
ability of the SCG Project?

This collaborative
Research project com-
menced late 2015, and was
due for conclusion in May
2016. “As a result of a suc-
cessful accomplishment of a
good quality work, DRT has
already expressed interest to
enter a new research part-
nership with the Faculty,” –
said Martin Kizito.

In another devel-
opment, the Department
of Development Studies is
working on a project titled:
“Graduate Entrepreneurs
Development Strategy
(GEDS)”. Rev. Stanley
Wareeba, Lecturer in the
Department of Develop-
ment Studies, presented a
concept brief of this project
during a Faculty seminar
also attended by the DRT
team. The department plans
to share the project concept
with DRT towards a possible
partnership. DRT is imple-
menting a relatively similar
project that is pictured
around youth unemploy-
ment (a youth move forward
project) being funded by
the MasterCard Foundation
– said DRT representative.

The Dean of
Faculty of Social Sciences,
Dr. Mary Ssonko Nabacwa
during the Faculty seminar
conveyed that, the Faculty
looks forward to building a
strong working relationship
with DRT. The Dean diligently
asked the DRT representa-
tives at the meeting to fur-
ther the Faculty’s intentions
and interest its manage-
ment. “As Faculty of Social
Sciences, we are interested
and willing to collaborate or
partner with DRT” – said Dr.
Mary Ssonko.
Prepared by: Martin Kizito and
Jonathan Tumwebaze

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