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Radford University, UCU in a New Partnership for Research

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The Radford University School of Social Work research team is working with the Department of Social Work and Social Administration in the Faculty of Social Sciences. “This is the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences; it is an open partnership that should not end with this ongoing research project,” – said Dr. Deneen Logan Evans.

The United States based Radford University (RU) School of Social Work, Uganda Study Abroad Research Team made a first visit to Uganda Christian University (UCU), Faculty of Social Sciences in a new partnership for re-search.

The research team was led by Dr. Deneen Logan Evans who is the Principle Investigator of the Uganda Research Team. Radford University School of Social Work and UCU Faculty of Social Sciences have partnered in a re-search project on: “Trans-cultural Understanding of Ugandan Parents’ Attitude about Child Disability.


The Uganda Research Team is made up of an outstanding group of graduate students of Social Work program (Master of Social Work - MSW) at Radford University, School of Social Work – they include: Sara Cometto, Elisabeth Goechenour, Juwell McClendon, Tyenna of Social Sciences, and Dr. Deneen Evans led the research team in presenting the research proposal to the UCU School of Research and Postgraduate Studies and was highly embraced.

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