Message from Department Head

Mr. Martin Kizito
Since its establishment in the year 2006, the department of Public Administration & Governance (PAG) has been dedicated to providing a solid foundation and broad understanding of the discipline through excellent teaching, research and community service. In the five programs offered (two undergraduate and three post graduate), the PAG department aspires to channel out graduates with outstanding analytical skills and professional values in the management of public, private and voluntary sector, both in the Local and International sphere.
Going by one of our core values in UCU, servant hood suggest that all people bear the image of God, so we encourage our students to commit themselves to loving and serving others as we would like to be served. By integrating faith in teaching and learning, we continuously require them to reflect on Jesus who offers us several examples. A case in point is Mark 10:43-45 Jesus told his disciples; “…any one who wants to become great among you must be your servant and anyone who wants to become first among you must be a slave to all.”

The major aim in this approach is to cultivate a spirit of accountable Governance and public service within our students, if they are to graduate with strong Christian values as faithful stewardship and servant leadership.

As a department, we have mapped out certain areas of focus and these include but not limited to;

  1. Promoting field based learning by identifying Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies which our students can visit for onsite insights. As a result, they are given lectures/briefs from field practioners in their places of work, on aspects like governance structures, policies and their implications on the current state of public service delivery in those respective sectors.

  2. Mentorship alongside integration of faith in teaching and learning are more strongly emphasized for spiritual growth of both the learners and the staff. Guided by the newly introduced University wide mentorship policy, students are continuously encouraged to professionally prepare themselves beyond spiritual and academic engagements to soft skills, personal presentation, interpersonal relations, team work among other.

  3. Collaborations with other units inside and outside the University are key on our current agenda. We have realized that we can engage in a number of complementary activities with many departments.

  4. Several departmental initiatives with minimal budgetary implications are in the pipe line, such as public debates between students of different undergraduate programs across years of study. They come together under one roof and debate contemporary issues as they unfold in the public square.

  5. Promotion of the student’s society and its activities. We have a Public Administration and Governance (PAG) Society and it is a requirement that all students and staff actively participate and contribute to its initiatives for the students’ holistic education.

Having engaged in a number of tracer studies for our graduates, the results from their employers have always confirmed that they are always a preferred choice and they perform with diligence and integrity. We therefore welcome every student in a very special way.

May God bless you as you make your choice to join the department.

God the beginning and the End

Martin Kizito

Head of Department,

Public Administration and Governance,

Faculty of Social Sciences

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